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Our FutureFolk's Foundations

FutureFolk is a grassroots, (currently) volunteer-led (pending funding) community response to a global need for systemic change.

Our Team are a group of people from a wide variety of socio-economic, financial, and professional backgrounds, all working closely together in the pursuit of making the Future more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable.

This website provides an opportunity for members of our online community to learn about our goals, ideals, values, and what we, as a community, stand to change. Below, you can learn about our individual Team members, and why they've chosen to be FutureFolk.

Meet The Team

Oops! It seems our magical team of volunteers have forgotten to take off their invisibility cloaks! We'll update these images as soon as we are able.

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FutureFolk is a volunteer-run organisation, pending the confirmation of a space to utilise for programming.

This website will be regularly updated as time allows.
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