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FutureFolk Memberships

FutureFolk Memberships exist to allow members of the public to support FutureFolk's goals, ideals, values, and mission, regardless of their proximity to our physical location. Our Memberships also provide an option for people who may be unable to physically volunteer or donate time, energy, or large amounts of money or resources to social enterprises/non-profit organisations. 


All FutureFolk memberships have the same benefits, regardless of the cost of each individual membership, and come with a number of benefits. As our website is currently under construction, benefits are not yet available, though will be in the coming days and weeks. Benefits will include: 

  • First access to information about new or upcoming FutureFolk projects.

  • Discounts on tickets for FutureFolk events.

  • Peace of mind, knowing that the  project will be implemented following FutureFolk's Code of Conduct. 

  • Access to FutureFolk "Members Only" Merchandise (not yet available).

Below are a number of Membership options, including our low-income Community Membership. Tiered Membership fees are determined based on 1% of each of Canada's tax brackets, starting with annual incomes above $38,565; This is to charge an amount equal to the proportional financial ability of that Member.


FutureFolk encourages our supporters to choose a Membership from below which best suits their financial capabilities.