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We are urgently raising funds to put a down payment on an existing structure to use as a mutual aid hub, co-working space, and more. This building would also serve as the "Foundations" for FutureFolk, and base of operations for our Core Team.

The existing space meets all our space requirements, providing two large meeting or gathering areas for excess of 150 and 300 people respectively, a large kitchen, classrooms, offices, and storage. In addition, the large existing green space offers ample opportunity for any necessary expansions, including a Proposed Community Food Garden.

While being accessible to both downtown and Alberta Avenue areas, "Foundations" will operate year round, with safe, supervised access possible 24 hours of the day. "Foundations" welcomes all Community Members to use all available amenities, as well as providing a non-judgemental, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere, around the clock.

A portion of the proposed building would operate as a Co-Working Space, hosting large-scale, curated music and live performance events in the evenings; A smaller space on the lower level would play host to a variety smaller performances, as well as poetry, comedy, improv, and book readings. In addition, regular events in both spaces would be aimed towards building up the existing community through programming such as: yoga, Smudge ceremonies, mentorship, support groups, skill workshops, community craft supplies, dances (with a live band), and quiet games nights.

Our dedication to providing a comprehensive and accessible environment has encouraged us to make Policy and Procedure Decisions, with just a few examples here:​

  • A complimentary, secure, voluntary drop off will be available for valuables and items that are prohibited for use inside the space.

  • The FutureFolk Board of Directors includes people who are women, non-binary, disabled, Indigenous, Black, and non-Black people of Color, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and more. 

  • All Team will be paid a living wage Salary based on part-time hours; This is in addition to other supports for disabled Team members, single parents, or those who are a primary caregiver to a disabled adult.

A donation link is below if you are able and desire to contribute. When our website is complete, all receipts from donations will be honoured as a credit towards a FutureFolk Online Membership, which will include a number of benefits (not yet determined) both Online as well as in our future physical space.


The following boxes contain information on some of the proposed plans which would benefit individuals, communities, education, and support systems for a wide range of needs.


​​​Foundations will serve as an intersectional and inclusive space, regardless of financial ability, for access to internet, business facilities and meeting rooms, running water, and clean toilets, 24/hours a day.

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Image by Johanna Adriaansen


Instruction and resources for individual and group education covering a broad range of modern topics, including: Indigenous beliefs, 2SLGBTQIA+ Terminology, and more.

Living-Wage-Paid mentorship opportunities will be coming available in 2022.

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Image by Jerry Wang


Family Friendly Improv (Acting) Games, Accessible Acting, “Foundations” Events including Family Friendly comedians, Youth Writing, Art, Crafting, Group Singing, and Songwriting Workshops, Local theatre productions, and live music or poetry performances.

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Image by Tim Mossholder


Workshops and programming focussed on providing education and information to people who are unsure of how to be a good ally to victims of systemic oppression.

Education will be facilitated by white people trained by FutureFolk for this purpose.

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Image by Edgar Chaparro


In partnership with our daughter organisation, "TheyFolk", Live Music and Performance Events will be regularly scheduled in the spaces afforded by our proposed location.

Events will range to accommodate different sensory capabilities, ages, and interests.

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Image by Samantha Gades


Focus groups discussing and facilitating research and change into viable possibilities for: carbon capture, sustainable energy, Traditional land management, Clean Water Facilities (through collaboration in/with each) First Nations, Métis, or Inuit Community, Women's Mental Health, Reproductive health, and more.

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Image by Jason Goodman


An environment built to encourage kindness and respect for one another both inside and out of the "Foundations" space. In addition, FutureFolk plans to have a number of community support initiatives, including providing support with yard or snow maintenance and home upkeep for elderly or disable community members.

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Image by Elaine Casap


An intersectional and new approach to training for work in Alberta's growing Film and Television industry, FutureFolk Films will be making its debut in January of 2022. Training will include: set etiquette, terminology, and workshops on multiple specific departmental tasks.

No experience neccessary.

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Contribute & Join Us

FutureFolk isn't a business; we are a Community of intersectionally inclusive people who want to empower the healing and success of others. If our values are aligned with yours, or if we've said something that excites you or gives you a tiny twinkle of hope, then maybe you are FutureFolk too.

FutureFolk come in all genders, ethnicities, neurotype, educations, skill level, ability, and more. We're people from a broad variety of socio-economic backgrounds, which is a fancy was of saying that we come from all walks of life, but we have one common characteristic; We care.

In coming weeks, FutureFolk's goals and priorities will become increasingly clear as we build our online presence, share more of our established goals, and begin to announce our many plans for how we, and other FutureFolk around the globe, are going to make our shared world into a better place. 

You are welcome to join us.

Below is a link to our Volunteer Registration, as well as our donations platform. 

Please feel free to contribute however you are able; If your greatest ability to support FutureFolk is through social media, please feel free to share our goals, our links, or encourage the people in your lives to donate to our goals, below. 

Volunteer Registration

Thanks for submitting!

FutureFolk is currently a volunteer-run organisation,
pending the confirmation of a space to utilise for programming.

This website will be regularly updated as time allows.
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